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Windsurf season 2017 – 2nd half – new stuff

The 2nd half of this 2017 windsurf season the opportunities to go windsurfing where less than I wanted. So the moments to remember are extra special. πŸ™‚

I enjoyed our family holiday in North Wales. What a spectacular landscape and coastline it has!

This year again I had a few good raceboard sessions. The combo of the good old Fanatic Cat 380 with the new Warp F2017 9.6 is working out great. The reduced luff curve and less loose leech gives the sail good lift needed for railing on the daggerboard with tight upwind courses.

We also had the introduction of new 2018 surfstuff at Telstar Surfclub. A lot to see for next season with some good inside info from Jordy Vonk and Herman van den Berg.

Some snippets:

  • Falcon TE 98, new shape
  • Blast, now with tuttle box
  • Gecko foil edition
  • Biggest sizes Falcon/Blast foil approved
  • Freewave STB
  • New footstraps, more comfort, with sizeindicator
  • Super Session, new freewave sail in the range
  • Warp f2018 proto, evolution from extensive R&D, colors/graphics will be different
  • All sails new symmetric battenpockets and come pre-tensioned specific per sail/batten

I changed from the two big slalomboards (129/159) to one, the Fanatic Falcon 136 85cm wide. My experience was that with my weight (78kg) haveing two lightwind slalomboards didn't have enough advantage. That's why I'm back to one big lightwind slalomboard and the 136 is a winner!

For the fins I now have a new F-HOT RS3 45cm to try. This fin will be the most used with the Falcon 136 and Warp 8.4.

Just in. the North Sails Warp F2018 8.4, rigth out of the bag, prΓ©-tuned battens, just rig and go! Smooth camber rotation. Check the movie on my Instragram account.

Very motivated for next season, hope the winter is short!

Thanks for reading! See you next time, Mark.

Excited about the more than 250.000 pageviews of my blog.
Thanks for the support! πŸ‘ πŸŽ‰

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Track your progress and keep improving!

Windsurfing is great and motivating to try to improve yourself every time!

To keep track of my progress I have been using a GPS device for my slalom/speed sessions since 2008 when I started windsurfing again. The website offers the possibility to record your sessions including the equipment used. I have 199 recorded sessions sofar and hope to add a lot more in the coming years!

Last weekend I decided to go windsurfing with a lot of surfmates on the Veluwemeer. This spot is called Polsmaten and with the predicted wind ideal for a nice Slalom session. 

We arrived early and with the predicted wind I rigged my Warp 7.7 with the Falcon 114 and F-HOT 38cm fin. On the water the wind was on/off but the gusts kept getting stronger. With a few changes in settings, mastrack 0,5cm back and more outhaul, the Falcon just flew over the small chop with a lot of control and good speed. In the meantime a lot of riders where already using 90ltrs/7.0 sets, but I stayed 3 hours on the water with the same Slalomset because of I wanted to get most out of it.

This session resulted in a Personal Best for this medium size Slalomset:

  • 10 sec run 33,1 knots
  • 500 m 31,5 knots

Fastest for me since 2008 with slalomboards >68cm and sails >7.6!

I'm very happy with this improvement and this motivates me for the next sessions!

Thanks for reading! See you next time, Mark.

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Why I’m happy with my F-HOT Slalom fins

Since 2013 I've been using F-HOT Slalom fins. I was one of the early adopters and still happy with these top fins!

In that year I compared them to several other Salom fins after I have been using the Choco Fireblades for several years. I wrote my review on fins some time ago.

Based on that review I choose F-HOT. I now have them in several sizes, type S3, 36-48cm. I use them with my Fanatic Falcons. For the biggest board (130/138) my most used fin is the S3 46cm with the North Warp 9.0 combo.

What I really like is the light and free feeling these fins give my boards. You can put pressure on them early and after that they give an even and constant lift when accelerating, with good control. That gives confidence, never strange or unexpected moves from the fins. You can focus on other things. πŸ™‚

Ross Williams uses the F-HOT RS series that have been developed after the S series. More focussed on PWA conditions, downwind course, fully powered at the limit. What I hear is that the RS is more technical to sail but faster when you can handle them.

With my weight (78kg/184cm) I use my set most often in well powered conditions, not on the high-end. The performance that the fins give me is more dependant on me than the fins. I feel that I did not get the max out of the fins yet and I expect more is possible. Also the support on the fins that Steve Cook gives is also remarkable, a real craftsman. I crashed one of my fins and Steve repaired this fin as new!

Please let me know if you have questions or need advice on what fin type/size for your set. Happy to help you.

See you next time, Mark

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Windsurfblog update: new layout, personal goals, quiver review and tuning tips!

A fresh start of 2017 with a new layout of! 

For 2017 I'm planning to give more frequent blog updates. Please let me know what you think of the new layout and specific subjects or questions that you want me to blog about.

Personal goals

My goals for this windsurf season is simple, get fit again so I can get more time on the water and choose the best quiver for this purpose.

Because of my rheumatism medication I have anemia and it's difficult to keep my fitness on level. End of last year I started with the supplement Floradix, a liquid iron elixer. Last month I started with a basic (indoor) workout program, 2x per week, 2 hrs, 13 exercises with focus on endurance, flexibility Γ‘nd strength. The first results are very positive. I can see that my fitness improves every week! Also the daily walks with our dog Didi are much easier and longer than before, a win-win. πŸ™‚

But the best therapy for me is of course go Windsurfing! πŸ™‚ 

Windsurf quiver review

I changed my quiver for this windsurfseason to maximise the range of use, conditions and fun! Last season the Falcon 138 (85cm) and Warp F2016 9.0 was the most used Slalom combo for me. Because my homespot Kraaijenbergse Plassen is a small lake the wind is always gusty and fluky, you need a big set. This year I decided to go for the new Fanatic Falcon 159 Lightwind (90cm) wide and replace the Falcon 138 with the Falcon 129 (80cm). Also I added the biggest North Sails Warp F2017 9.6 to use with the Lightwind. Combined with the Falcon 114 (71cm) this should cover my Slalom needs.

When the conditions get rough I don't have the physics to hold down a full-on slalomboard. So I decided to change my highwind Falcon slalomboard for a new Fanatic Blast 100 (62cm). This new stubby syle board is called a performance freeride and looks just what I need for blasting around. For this board I added the S_Type SL 6.0, 6.6 (3 cam sail), a bit easier to handle than the full-on Warps.

The Slalom fins I use for a few seasons now are F-HOT Slalom S3. These carbon fins fit my style, they give good lift and performance with ease of control! The Blast has standard a powerbox Choco 34cm fin that I still have to try.
Falcon 159 LW, Warp 9.6, 9.0, 8.4
Falcon 129, Warp 8.4, 9.0, 7.7
Falcon 114, Warp 7.7, 8.4, 6.6
Freeride (performance)
Blast 100, S_Type SL 6.0, 6.6
For my other quiver (speed, wave, raceboard) see further below in this article.

Fanatic Falcon 159 LW (Lightwind)

I have used the Falcon Lightwind several times together with the Warp 9.6. 

Remarkably good / fine trim, you can give full pressure and with every gust the board accelerates with control, the nose remains low. It jumps onto a plane easily and is very fast at all courses in comparison with my surfing buddies at 85cm slalom and formula boards. i used it with the standard included Choco 50, as well as with Select S1 57 but this was less loose.

A very special board!

My impression is that this Falcon Lightwind does not need a super large fin to sail very loose. This I believe has to do with the other cutouts compared to the 152.  

Specs: 90x230cm, 159ltr, full biax glass fibre / full PVC Sandwich, 8.5kg

Fanatic Falcon TE 129

I used the Falcon 129 at the RealTrip event in very light winds with the Warp 9.6 and F-HOT 46cm fin. The board can handle big sails/fins but this was just too big. Next time I will use the Warp 8.0 and F-HOT 44cm. I expect that there will be just enough overlap between the Falcon 129 and 159 to switch easy. For example when the 9.6 with 159 is on it's highend, I can switch to the 9.0 or 8.4 with the 129. Al depending on the waterconditions of course. When it's flat the combo big sail with a small board is faster, but when it's choppy a wide board has an advantage.

The same goes for the switch to the Falcon 114 (71cm), when the 8.4 with 129 get to big I can switch to the 114 with the 7.7 or 8.4.

Specs: 80x230cm, 129ltr, full biax carbon sandwich, 6.9kg

Fanatic Blast LTD 100 

I haven't used the Blast with the S_Type yet, but the combo look promising. The shape of the Blast is stubby like and should feel compact on the water. The bottomshape is a light concave V-bottom for good control, speed and easy gybing. 

Performance freeride Fanatic Blast LTD 100 with the North Sails S_Type SL 6.6/6.0.

Specs: 62x231cm, 100ltr, full biax glass fibre / full PVC Sandwich, 6.3kg

North Sails S_Type SL

The S_Type has a very nice profile and feels very light. Both 6.0 and 6.6 fit on the same 430 mast.

North Sail Warp F2017

Evolution of the succesful Warp F2016, some small changes that I can spot sofar like mastsleeve reinforcements.

I used the North Sails Warp F2017 9.6 with the Fanatic Falcon 159 LW. Third time with the 9.6, getting dialed in with the trim. Ideal with these low wind conditions. The Warp feels a bit softer and better to pump, yet stable in the gusts. Very happy with that.

Tuning- and trimtips Warp F2017

Cams: The Warps are provided with cams pacers, factory fitted. I pull it off and go out sailing a few times with a sail. The sail must "set" itself first. Then look for the right camberpressure. The camber just below the boom (cross batten) you need to press just to leeward. The cam just above the boom needs to press easier. The upper cam even easier. The lower cam is usually the tightest but would like to have a little less than the cam under the boom.

Note that this is different from battentension.

Tension battens, cross batten the tightest, that is turning with two fingers, do not overdo it. The lower and 3rd bar slightly less. All other battens no tension, just that the batten does not have to many wrinkles.

Wrinkels in the sleeve are not a problem! Please look at this on the water when there is pressure in the sail, not on shore or in the garden. πŸ˜‰

For example, look at this picture from Laurence Carey who's traning on Tenerife right now.

Downhaul: I use my sails never super overpowered. Ideal for me downhaul 1 cm from the maxtrim sticker in the upper part o fthe sail. Never mind the exact dimensions, trimming purely on the sticker in the sail!

Outhaul: use vario! Sailing is super with only trimming the outhaul. No weird feeling with flat or full trimmed, the sail stays in balance.

Rigging I do in this order: downhaul to 10cm from below, put on first the boom with good outhaul. Then put on the cams, first the cam under the boom, then the lower and above the boom, the upper cam goes on itself when putting on more downhaul. Please note that you only push on the cams itself and not on the mast sleeve. Then apply the appropiate downhaul tension. De-rigging is in exactly the reverse order.

My other windsurf quiver

For Speed I will stick to my favorite Falcon 85 (58cm). With this board I got my personal record of 40 knots max and I first want to breack that personal record before changing this board.

Cruizing and making long trips in lightwind is also what I like to do with the Fanatic Cat 380 raceboard and a big oldskool ART 10.0 racesail. I also use this board for SUPing. Ideal when it's glassy and sunny.

For Wave (bump&jump) I use my 30year old custommade Kosmos board, still going strong. This picture is taken at Makkum, IJsselmeer.

Falcon 85, Warp 5.7
Wave (bump&jump)
Kosmos 85, Curve 4.7
Cat 380, ART 10.0

Now it's time to get back on the water again and have some fun! πŸ˜‰

 Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, leave a message or share it and see you next time!

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Introduction Fanatic 2016 Falcon Slalom and North Sails Warp F2016

This weekend I went to the Real Trip event in Makkum to help promote the 2016 Fanatic/North surfstuff. Saturday morning early we had a lot work to do unpacking because the container just arrived that week. A bit like an early Sinterklaas or Christmas. πŸ™‚

With this event we introduced the 2016 Fanatic Falcon and Falcon TE and the North Warp F2016 in the Netherlands! We got a lot of positive comments, some quotes:

"Especially the Warp stoo out in positive way, much nicer than a picture can show"
"Impressed by the look and feel of the new Warps"

"Awesome boards!"
"So the Falcon and Falcon TE have exactly the same shape? Nice offer!"
"The weight difference is not that much!"

Some pictures of our playground!

Fanatic Falcon and Falcon TE

North Warp F2016

Looking forward to give this stuff a try (or two, three, four, .....). πŸ˜‰

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Te koop – Fanatic Falcon Slalom – Falcon Speed – North Sails Warp – Select Hotrod

Te koop Fanatic Slalom

Falcon Slalom 130 (81cm) 2014 €1150
Falcon Slalom 111 (69cm) 2015 €1250
Falcon Slalom 85 (58cm) 2011 €550

Boards in zeer goede staat!
Eventueel incl ION boardbag.

Te koop Fanatic Speed

Falcon Speed (48cm) model 2006-2010, de eerste serie in full-carbon, licht en sterk, €295

Board in zeer goede staat!
Eventueel incl Fanatic boardbag en Hotrods 25/27cm

Te koop North Sails Warp F2015

8.4 €595
7.7 €595
7.0 €575
6.3 €575

Alles in zeer goede staat!
Eventueel incl bijpassende Platinum SDM masten 430/460/490.

Te koop North Sails Warp F2014

5.7 €425

Zeil in zeer goede staat!
Eventueel incl bijpassende Platinum SDM mast 430.

Te koop Select Hotrod

25 cm €125
27 cm €125
29 cm €125
31 cm €125

Vinnen in zeer goede staat!

Voor meer info graag via email markvanosch (at) tiscali (punt) nl

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Te koop Race/Slalom zeilen North Warp F2012/F2013 7.0, 7.8, 9.2 incl masten 460/490

Te koop North Race/Slalom zeilen incl masten:

- Warp F2012 7.0 (476 luff, 460 mast, 211 giek)
- Warp F2012 7.8 (502 luff, 490/460 mast, 225 giek)
- Warp F2013 9.2 (528 luff, 490 mast, 240 giek)
- Platinum 100% 460 mast
- Platinum 100% 490 mast

North Warp F2012 7.0
North Warp F2012 7.8
North Warp F2013 9.2

Deze drie zeilmaten sluiten erg goed aan op elkaar om zo een groot windbereik af te dekken.

Alles in zeer goede staat!

Meerdere combi's mogelijk:
- 9.2 met 490 mast € 1050
- 7.0/7.8 set met 460 mast € 1250
- 7.0/7.8 set met 460/490 masten € 1750
- 7.0/7.8/9.2 set met 460/490 masten € 2250

Voor meer info contact op via markvanosch (at) tiscali (punt) nl.

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Windsurf Therapy and Equipment review!

Last month I started getting into the rhythm of one windsurfsession per week despite my rheumatism is active again. This is working out fine for me, the pain in my fingers is getting less every session without the use of drugs (methotrexate). Also my fitness (physically/mentally) is improving. Windsurfing is the best medicine!

In these sessions I've been working on my style/trim and tried a lot of different settings and fins. I'm super happy with the results of these sessions. So far this resulted in a more balanced stance with good speed, a free/hoovering ride and lots of control.

With my biggest slalomboard/sail I've done a topspeed of 30 knots in only 10-15 knots wind and in another lightwind session 25 knots in 7-11 knots wind, very efficient!

With my medium slalomboard I've improved the spotrecord on my homespot in choppy conditions/crosswind runs and on a session at the Veluwemeer I got a 2nd best Max 2 sec and Nautical Mile in the dayranking.

Some general findings are: mastrack further back, boomheigth medium, longer harnesslines, I like the softer fins with lift and control, on the sails increased camberpressure (added biggest spacers).

The combos that I've used:
- Fanatic Falcon 132, North Warp F2013 9.2, F-HOT 46 S3, Gasoil 6/3 52
- Fanatic Falcon 102, North Warp F2012 6.3, mXr UFO 34 G11, F-HOT 34 S3
- Fanatic Falcon 102, North Warp F2012 7.0, F-HOT S3 34, F-HOT 32 S2

More detailed findings per item are:

Fanatic Falcon 132
- replacement of my 2012 Falcon 125, a bit wider 81cm, different bottomshape with cutouts and less V
- very fast to get planing with a free/hoovering ride
- good balanced stance with the back angled footpads
- good railing/upwind/downwind performance
- easy to keep on track, no correction needed
- can handle big Γ‘nd small fins and seems to have no limit in accelerating

Fanatic Falcon 102
- replacement of my 2012 Falcon 99, a bit wider 63cm, different bottomshape less concaves and V
- a free/hoovering ride with a good balanced stance
- very fast crosswind and downwind with lots of control
- doesn't need a big fin for its ofo size
- although very different in size, the boards (102 and 132) have the same "feel"

Warp F2013 9.2
- added this size as my biggest slalomsail
- very light in handling and good pumping to get on a plane
- full profile below the boom with a good low end
- stable at speed and in gusts

Warp F2012 6.3/7.0
- same as last year but different trim, added biggest camberspacers to get more camberpressure
- resulting in a very stable profile in the lowest 3 battens, yet soft above the 4th batten with a nice twist
- improved acceleration and stability, easier too keep the sail at the right (closed) angle

Gasoil 6/3 52 
- planes fast
- rails easy but has a speedlimit
- good up/downwind
- spinout free with good control
- "stable/foregiving/lightwind slalom fin"

F-HOT 46 S3
- can handle the big 9.2 sail fine because of the good lift
- keeps accelerating and seems to have no limit
- good on up/down Γ‘nd crosswind
- gives the big board a nice trim with low nose
- very good speed and control
- "very fast/allround slalom fin"

mXr UFO 34 G11
- very fast on all courses (max speed with this fin)
- board rides free with a high nose, not really locked, seems to fins his ideal trim dependant on speed
- has more than one ride/acceleration at speed and when hitting gusts
- spinout sensitive with wrong pressure or less sailpressure, good recovery from spinout
- "sportive/6 gears speed/slalom fin"

F-HOT 34 S3
- very good acceleration and planing, converts every gusts into additional speed, high average speed
- more difficult to keep upwind/on track, wants to go downwind
- lots of control, no hassle
- can push the fin full at any speed (low/medium/high)
- keeps the nose of the board low in a locked position with a free ride
- "predictable/allround medium slalom fin"

F-HOT 32 S2
- very fast crosswind
- excellent control in choppy conditions
- keeps accelerating, no limit
- "fast and furious slalom fin"

The Choco Fireblade 2 G10 slalomfins that I've been using the past three seasons are very good allround slalomfins, very neutral response and forgiving in all conditions. They helped me gain trust/control after re-entering windsurfing with carbon fins 5 years ago. I think I'm now ready for the next step with the new fins reviewed above. πŸ™‚

A big thanks to Erwin Bovendeur for all the pictures, this makes looking back at the windsurfsessions special.

Hope to keep this up next months and maybe even increase the rhythm of my windsurfing therapy. πŸ™‚

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Wintersale Windsurfstuff beginners/kids


For Sale Fanatic Ride 5.0 m2 (2012) Rig Set (great for beginners or older kids). Condition as new. This rig includes a 3-piece North Silver mast, a 160-215 boom and mastbase. A lot of value for money, € 225

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For Sale Fanatic Mega Cat Raceboard incl 8.2, 9.5, 10.5 Rig


Al eerder over getwijfeld maar na het MissionXL weekend toch de knoop doorgehakt. Ik ga me helemaal focussen op Slalom, daar zit voor mij de uitdaging en heb ik nog genoeg te doen. Raceboard varen is erg gaaf maar ik doe het gewoon te weinig en moet keuzes maken. Daarom gaat mijn zeer complete raceboard set in de verkoop.

Fanatic Mega Cat, de favoriete paarse uitvoering in honeycomb sandwich, 250ltr, 12.5kg, in zeer goede staat, incl groot carbon zwaard met zwaard/vinhoes, 2 trimbox racevinnen 42/48cm, mastvoet, lichtgewicht DakineContour voetbanden en boardbag.

MauiSails TR-2 9.5 en 10.5 in raceboardtrim (minder latten/cambers), MS 100% Carbon 520cm mast, MS Racegiek alu 230-280 met variabele outhaul en vario trapezelijnen, ART Race Pro 8.2 met carbon latten (past op dezelfde mast/giek), MXT verlenger met europin.

Vraagprijs van deze zeer complete raceboard/zeilen set € 1075. Foto's volgen nog. Bij interesse neem dan aub contact met mij op via markvanosch (at) tiscali (dot) nl.

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