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Danish Weather chess,

The weather maps were spot on for Hantsholm Denmark on thursday. A one way trip of a thousand kilometers is not ideal for one day. The days after thursday were a bit of a chess game with a high and a low pressure system moving up and down right on the edge off the point of Denmark. I knew about the funnel effect between Denmark and Norway that always boosts the wind towards the spot Hanstholm, along with the fact that the weather maps showed increasing winds in the evenings. So we made the decision to take the chance to drive up to denmark on Wednesday. First check was Hvide Sande were we arrived just before the football match Holland- Spain at 6pm. Luckily I had Hans with me and he managed to find a wifi connection that seemed to be open for everyone down there. We took revenge on Spain. The wind was up but the waves weren’t yet so we drove up to Hanstholm that eve. The next day were woken up by the wind which was shaking the van. A Small breakfast was enough to start up the first 4.8 session together with a few other dutch friends who arrived that same night. One hour later the wind started to pick up. I rigged down to my 4.5 Salt which was perfect for 30 min. The wind turned one switch futher . Time for a break.. After the break I rigged up my 4.2 and that became the perfect choice for a couple of fantastic hours untill the wind started to die in the afternoon. Friday morning the wind was there but on the soft side.When you looked to the sky you were able to see the fine line between the high and the low pressure system. Clouds were hanging over the east part of hanstholm whilst on the Klitmoller side there were blue skies. Instead of waiting for the wind to pick up we went for a short power surf at voropur south side where we got eaten by a gnarly shore break. Afterwards we drove back to Hanstholm where the wind was building. Later that eve it was on. Great waves were breaking really nice with wind for a 4.5 Salt. Saturday was one of the worst forecasted days but once again the wind kicked in in the evening and my 118Liter Goya board stunned me completely with the 2/3m down the line waves. It seems the 118 feels even more alive in hollow sucking waves. Stoked Sunday morning was tough. My body was starting to say no more but once again in the eve it said yesss. Waves, wind and sunshine were the perfect ingredients for a good last windsurf session. With a nice pitstop in Hamburg where we watched the Dutch football game and checked out that “perfect” elb channel wave it was time to go home.

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Slow motion wave action | Black Team.

Slow motion wave action | Black Team from Point-7 on Vimeo.

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TipTop Tips, How to Do a Pushloop

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Perfect Hollow beach break Machines on MV2..

It has been a while that I have been windsurfing, but the last 2 days were a good start. The groundswell that came through on Thursday from the north brought some nice surf conditions along in the eve. The main swell was predicted on Friday so it was quite sure it would be epic for Friday. Only a small detail was that we had to drive one and a half hours to catch up the swell, because at home the break was not able to catch it. I have never been to the new Maasvlakte 2. This land has been self made by the dutch people, we are quit famous about these things. If you think about it its quite strange to drive in the sea theoretically . We were driving along the sand dunes. Sand was blasting like a desert storm over the brand new open landscape coast. Once we arrived on the parking place we saw nice side onshore conditions with proper breaking waves. First session felt straight quite good. Me and my starboard tack are a strange combo, sometimes I sail like a cook on this tack and today it felt quit natural. After an hour or so the tide started to kick in and we made the decision to move to a down wind place. The Maasvlakte gives the oppertunity to find just in 1 km more side shore or offshore conditions. Once arrived to the more down wind place I was stunned about the perfect hollow beach break and my heart started to beat faster.. Perfect barrels where rolling along the shallow beach break which gave me almost the feeling to pick my surf board instead of my windsurf gear. The first round out sailing I saw a surfer in my eye corner tucking into a perfect barrel which was sucking nice beach break sand along. Wow The first wave was straight a beauty and that was one of many more.. Thanks to everyone who took pictures...

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Aerial Taka

During the 3 weeks in Tenerife where I was testing training and had allot of water time, mine best session's where pretty much the last two days. Luckly BJ Filmed those days too and that footage comes out in one Month. Enjoy this Aerial Taka pica...

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HOUSTON we have a take off….

H999_2and">">H999_2and aHALF meter sessions with Martin ten Hoeve
from Thomas">">Thomas Bouwman on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>

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How to do Backside wave 360

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How did I do it!!! Backloop

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Thermal wind in the netherlands…

Its just insane how constant the wind here in the Netherlands is in the last month.

It feels almost as thermal wind, so stable it is, well stable in different way than because its quit gusty...

Picture made by JePe

Soon More

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Nice Down the Line Sess with New Quiver…

This was the first day off a long promising weeks of wind here in Holland.
I love my new Kit, that new Slim Jim Aeron boom, it looks more than Smooth..

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